Ferry Fares, Times, Tickets & Accommodation

SeaLink has two large passenger and car ferries that, in the peak times of the year, may travel up to 12 times per day. On average, there will be around 5 ferries a day. SeaLink has made it very easy for your to maneuver your vehicle onto the ferries, which can also take caravans, trailers, camper vans, motorbikes and trucks. If you are a little uneasy about loading your own vehicle, just mention this when checking in and they will have someone assist you.

Check in is at least 30 minutes from departure. Below is the Ferry Timetable traveling both ways.

Ferry Times

To Kangaroo Island – Depart Cape Jervis (*If there is demand)

  • 9.00am    Daily
  • 10.00am Daily
  • 12.00pm *
  • 1.00pm    *
  • 3.00pm    *
  • 4.00pm    *
  • 6.00pm    Daily
  • 7.00pm    *

From Kangaroo Island – Depart Penneshaw (*If there is demand)

  • 8.30am    Daily
  • 10.30pm Daily
  • 11.30am  *
  • 1.30pm     *
  • 2.30pm     *
  • 4.30pm     *
  • 5.30pm     *
  • 7.30pm     Daily

Fares, Tickets & Accommodation

There are a number of variations with fares and lots of opportunities to create packages to save you up to 20% off your fares for vehicles and passengers! To take a car over, the standard is up to 5m, anything above this there is an extra charge. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure they have measured the car properly, anything longer than was booked will not be allowed on the ferry.

Call Sealink on 13 13 01.